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Written By: Emma Sum - 2/13/2020

Our beautiful garden is our pride and joy, and anyone can come in and walk around from 10am to 4pm during the week! We enjoy getting to chat with folks around the neighborhood and hope that our garden can be a safe and welcoming space to all. But as we’ve been staying inside more (Brr! It sure is cold out there!), we’ve realized... some of our friends don’t get to see where the magic happens: the kitchen!

I love that our kitchen is a space where young folks can feel ownership and agency over what we do. So I wanted to share what it’s like with the rest of our friends, and the loved ones of our youth. Come on in and I’ll give you a tour!

When you walk in the door, you are met with the sight of four tables. We use these to cook in teams, and then when it’s time to eat we’ll connect two tables so that we can all enjoy our meal together!

If you look to your left you will see the gathering space, where we circle up before programs to check in with how everyone is feeling and get excited about what we’re doing that day. Sometimes we’ll play a game and other times we’ll ask questions and discuss answers. We always have snacks available for folks to munch on before we get cooking!

The trusty blackboard is where we write our agenda for the day and let folks know what their time here should look like! It helps us all start off on the same page. This is from a day that we made three different hearty soups and cornbread!

We always have extra stools on hand! We use these to expand our gathering circle, take a seat during mealtime, and give some of our younger friends a boost so they can reach the table when cooking.

This here is our handy dandy pantry! The ingredients here represent a diverse array of cultures and cuisines that are meaningful to those we work with.

We call this our shared desk space. During programs we use this area for the occasional first aid treatment or storing larger personal items (like the instruments brought by musically inclined students!). Pictured here is our most recent addition to the education team: Laura!

Behold our hardworking laundry machines! These help us provide fresh aprons and towels every program.

Along this main back wall we have some sink and stove stations, which double as tool storage under the counters. Each rack is handily labeled for youth to find things as needed, whether during cooking or kitchen-wide scavenger hunts!

Further down we have ovens, fridge, and freezer, as well as storage for larger tools. Most recently we used our ovens to make halal burgers and sweet potato fries! It was a fun throwback to the summer barbecue months.

Finally, we have come to the cleaning corner! Our amazing volunteers support us so well by doing dishes throughout the program here. Just as this is the end of our tour, our staff usually end programs here to clean the whole place for the next day. (Don’t mind this mop, I think it was donated from the enchanted Beast’s castle. It behaves well enough during program.)

Thanks for going on this tour with me! I hope it helps GPS feel more welcoming to you. Stay warm this winter!

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